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Kindle Vella

I've been experimenting with putting my stories up on kindle vella, a serialized fiction site.

You get to read the stories as I write them! I've also thrown up a couple of stories I wrote as a teen. You'll see how my writing style has progressed, and find tidbits where I stole ideas for my new stories from the old!

Storm of Magic just Jayla from cover black background(2).jpg

Storm of Magic

A rookie cop destroys a fae portal, and fights to keep her young daughter safe from the vengeful fae who created it. Click Here


In a world where dragons rule the skies and terrorize the land, Aris is the most renowned dragon hunter in ages. But when she comes across a mysterious dragon egg during one of her hunts, everything changes.

Click Here

100 Vella Nuclear World.jpg
Nuclear world

The world nearly ended once already, a hundred years ago. Now

everyone is dying again, and it’s left to one girl to find an answer.

Click Here

Vella Titles

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