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Orcus Fled: Book One

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  • Two girls from different worlds, thrown together in a quest for freedom.

    Death is what every Orcus expects. Elementals enslaved by a warring country, forced to fight by a bracelet placed on their arm at birth to control their magic. Senara has always lived with that expectation over her head, day in and day out, forced to fight in battles and wars she has no stake in. Until her handler is killed, giving her the chance she needs to escape.

    In her attempt to hide from a prince who wants nothing more than to wield her as a weapon, Senara stumbles on a portal to another world. To… Florida? And there she meets a college girl whose worst battle in life is trying to pass her next English exam. This world is easy. Soft. And would make a great place to hide.

    But the bracelet calls her back, forcing her to return to her homeland to find a way to get it removed. If she can’t succeed, she’ll be enslaved to the prince, coerced into fighting his battles for him.

    She isn’t going back alone.

    Can a newly forged friendship survive the threats that a world of magic and war put on it? Can Senara and Meri?

    Follow their story as they navigate the precarious world of elemental magic.

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