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Paperback, 234 pages, signed by author Cassie Greutman

Premonition: Book Four, Signed Copy

  • The fae are coming to Fort Wayne.

    Even with her parents going to war over Faerie, Trish Penchant should have been safe in Sanctuary. It is, after all, where the fae survive when they have nowhere else to go. But now her parents are sending more and more fae to try and persuade her to join one of them against the other.

    If she doesn’t, they’re coming for her and everyone she cares about, spreading their conquest from Faerie to Earth.

    With more and more challenges hitting her from every side, Trish will have to make a decision. Lean on those she’s come to love, or face her problems on her own. Her choice will change the fate of the planet.

    Pick up the fourth book in the Penchant for Trouble Series today!

  • This is a special signed copy and is not eligible for return. If the product arrives damaged please reach out and we can either refund you or send out a new copy. 

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