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Paperback, 270 pages, signed by author Cassie Greutman

Regeneration: Book One, Signed Copy

  • One foster kid. Two worlds. If she can’t catch a dangerous convict, she’s going to lose the only thing she cares about in either of them. Her foster parents.

    After years of being shoved from home to home, sixteen-year-old Trisha Penchant finally found a foster family that she won’t admit she loves. Life is looking up. Until the night she wakes up in the woods covered in blood.

    Her supernatural ability saved her life. But it put her on the radar of the Faerie Council, who give her an ultimatum. Catch an escaped fugitive, or be taken to Faerie, a place her missing mother told her horror stories about. Trying to appease the Council, keeping her powers hidden from her foster parents, and learning to work with the ex-boyfriend who killed her, Trisha’s brushes with death are on the rise.

    Pushed to the brink, she struggles to walk a fine line of doing what’s right, and doing what’s necessary.
    Her choices will change lives. Forever.

    Regen is the first book in the action-packed Penchant for Trouble YA urban fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, dangerous secrets, and fast-paced quests, then you’ll adore Cassie Greutman’s tightly woven adventure.

  • This is a special signed copy and is not eligible for return. If the product arrives damaged please reach out and we can either refund you or send out a new copy. 

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